anne, :) dankje!yaelian, nu e4r jag det! glalir du semlor alltse5? kramarbarbara, Iging? gotta google this! :) it is a very nice place. in many ways. and also somewhat foreign by now. love to youlycke, kanske kan vi gf6ra gladlistor tillsammans? ke4nns lite se5de4r he4r ockse5. det fe5r rymmas mer i mail. kramar till digdemie, huvudet pe5 spiken, som se5 ofta! it is exactly like that...and i go back there and i feel like i am 18 again, for good and for bad! are you planning any trip to greece again soon? love!patrice, ik ben zo benieuwd, waar in rotterdam heb je gewoont? zou je ooit terug willen verhuizen? ga je vak op bezoek? liefsouti, yes, also here! wondering now if they taste the same in finaland? do you also have new versions by 2015-01-06 (火) 18:17:37 after christmas we have a saffron semla, and nowadays i saw some with blueberry cream... i had two already! yum!evelina, :) goa du! som snart far ive4g..se5 spe4nnande...marit, bedankt en ik ben in uppsala geboren! s, har du fe5tt den nu? va roligt att hon fick me5ste jag te4nka lite mer pe5 vad jag skriver :) nejde5! kramar!julia, and where were you born? she did indeed say it very well, demie. thank you! love.merel, grappig is dat toch? soms helemal niet wat ik wil horen, maar alsof de ipod iets aan mij wil zeggen... :)martita, i wonder how you are, and i miss your blog. i visit too, still...hoping one day you will have posted. and i can stay patient! :) when you wait for something you say in swedish! and do come visit one time, please. love!annika, vilken bra fre5ga. ke4nns bra, men e5 andra sidan ockse5 se5 fre4mmande. och se5 me5nga gamla mf6nster jag blir konfronterad med. har rekommenderat min goda ve4n som precis har flyttat till f6rebro att he4lsa pe5 din yoga studio, jag hoppas hon gf6r det! kramar!!!! [url=]lsmmev[/url] [link=]ugjklmjmk[/link]

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