Neither.  It is best practice to check the<a href=""> rveiews</a> and message boards for the best choice for you.  Check electronic cigarette spot, youtube, and cigreviews. If you dont care about portability and looking akward when smoking in public, you can go with a larger unit like the ego/tornado type product.If you still want tons of vapor but a battery that wont last you days like the previous, go with a high quality mini cig.  The best I have found is from.  I tried both of the brands you inquired about and was very unsatisfied.  I got my money back but wasted my time with them and two others before.  Simply put, DO YOUR RESEARCH.A few things I was concerned aboutBattery lifePortabilityThroat hit and vapor amountCost over the long run (how long do cartridges last)Whats it made out of? Propleyne Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin, I prefer VGGood luck!

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