Without the ugliness of one – more ignorant about me, & judging my thoughts with assumption and presumptions, I have entertained myself with so many different scenarios, I – nearly, convince myself to satisfy with my contentment, and living reclusively.

I know it is not healthy to be alone as much as I am – yet, the alternatives some would have a reclusive virgin to believe in hesitates my progress toward healing.

Sunny June 24, 2013 at 7:14 pm
Well, my opinion is based on: my research paper on pornography and my conversation with a Christian professor. He said that the more sex partners you had, the less likely your marriage will last. I did my paper on pornography. I learned that pornography depersonalizes sex and relationship. Prostitution in Amsterdam has depersonalized human beings to the point that crime rate and divorce goes up. But the govt covers it up, because it is a taxable revenue. And that past sex partners will influence your marriage. She will compare you against her past lovers. I read a post of a Russian mail bride. The man was very wealthy and diagnosed her life threatening disease defying the doctor. The doctor admitted that he saved her life and she ended up divorcing and demanding half his fortune and mansion. If pornography alone can be a detriment to a marriage, how can marriage be healthy with so much promiscuity. I am not saying that there aren’t good women to marry. I just saying I’m not expecting to find the right match in my lifetime. Girls who decide to have many sexual partners has unintentionally made a decision not to have a healthy marriage. But my physics teacher said that girls look at the size a man’s wallet. A girl saw me walk away from my car and looked interested in me. Because of me or my car. I am not bade looking or fat. I bike and run. I’ve had many opportunities to have sex. I just never felt right. Most of the problem with women is not the sex. It is the distrust, hidden motives and not knowing what they want.

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